"Scaling-up requires developing a team of competent and committed employees.” - Avinash Bhandari

Entrepreneurs looking to scale-up substantially from the current levels of their business must first realize that the scaling-up phase is not about them anymore. It is about their teams. They need to develop a team of competent employees who will take the organization forward, who will chase the stretched goals set by them with zeal, enthusiasm, and commitment.

The key is to build the commitment levels of these talented and competent employees. They need to be made to feel secure. They need to be valued and respected. They need to be made a part of the vision. They must start to understand the larger purpose. Understand the value system. Own the goals. The boundaries within which they can operate. They then need to be given the space to do it their way. And they need to be recognized when they deliver the required performance. Without a team of such competent and committed employees, scaling up will remain a dream for entrepreneurs looking to scale-up.