Our proprietary OLBE Framework: The secret to scaling up successfully

We at Think North, believe that our OLBE Framework complements the focus that we have in helping businesses grow exponentially and profitably. To understand the framework better OLBE stands for: Opportunities, Leadership, Business Design and Execution.

The framework helped Mr. Bhandari, our founder, lead his previous company to achieve a 100X growth in revenues in a short span of 16 years.

The framework begins with identifying opportunities and looking at triggers which are changing the size of the opportunity and taking a call on which ones to pursue. Having sized the opportunity the leadership team with its expertise and experience can then look to build a realistic vision.

Then comes the important job of building a prudent business design answering key questions pertaining to customer selection, creating unique and differentiated value for the customer, building sustainable competitive advantages, building strategic controls and developing a comprehensive strategy.

Executing this strategy is the last but a critical step that links operations to your vision. Strategy without superior execution is only half the work done.

I believe that equal focus on all 4 elements of OLBE Framework will be necessary for exponential and profitable growth.

If you are an entrepreneur running a successful venture and looking to scale up substantially, the tried and tested OLBE Framework of Think North is made just for you.

Looking for the right business design for sustained growth and profitability?