At Think North, we believe that ‘what got you to Rs. 100 crores will not take you to Rs. 1,000 crores’. Scaling-up the enterprise requires a completely different mindset, a different skill set and very different management systems in comparison to the ‘build-up’ stage of an enterprise. We will share our experience of achieving a 100X growth in a span of 15 years with you. We will help you build a shared vision, a shared strategy. A vision and a strategy which your team will own as much as you do. So that the execution is smooth. And the growth is sustainable.

As the founder of Think North, Mr. Avinash Bhandari has a proven management record and 30 years of experience in CEO/MD level leadership roles in Manufacturing, Steel, Pipes and Engineering businesses.

Prior to founding Think North, Avinash was the Jt. Managing Director and CEO of Electrotherm India Limited, a world leader in design and manufacturing of induction technology-based steel making furnaces and a manufacturer of steel and DI pipes. Under his leadership, the company grew exponentially from 30 crores in 2003 to 4000+ crores in 2018.

He understands that there is nothing more powerful than being able to build a cohesive team where the members share the vision of the leader, understand the strategy and have their goals clearly aligned to the organisation goals.

With his guidance, you will find yourself developing a winning strategy for your company and building a team of highly competent & committed professionals who strive hard to achieve your company’s vision and stretched goal.

Looking for the right business design for sustained growth and profitability?