Scaling-up is not just about operations excellence.

Scaling a proven business model is the logical path for every successful entrepreneur or a brand custodian. We were in a similar position two decades ago when we leapt at the opportunity and led our company to achieve a 100x growth in revenues.

It is important to note here that a very small percentage of the total enterprises in the country cross the 100-crore mark in sales inspite of our growing economy.

What we’ve learnt from our personal experience is that you need a completely different mindset, a different skill set, and very different management systems in the scaling-up phase in comparison to the initial build-up phase of an enterprise.

To us, achieving growth is less about shop floor productivity & quality improvements and more about:

  • Developing and articulating the strategy so that it can be shared and explained to each and every employee of the organization,
  • Building and sharing the vision with the team and ensuring that the vision is owned by each employee as much as it is owned by you,
  • Building a customer centric organization,
  • And most importantly, building a team of highly competent, capable and committed employees striving to achieve stretched goals.

Do you wish to create a company that is making profitable growth, where the team is aligned with your vision, and the customers are your biggest advocates? If you are an entrepreneur running a successful venture and looking to grow exponentially in the next few years while simultaneously improving profitability, you need a strategic partner like Think North to help you to build the right scale-up strategy.

Looking for the right business design for sustained growth and profitability?