Meet the team

Avinash Bhandari

Founder & Managing Director

Avinash bhandari is a strategic thinker and a business transformation evangelist. He is best known in the industry for his skills in the areas of transforming transaction-oriented organizations to strategy-focused organizations for taking quantum leaps for sustainable and profitable scaling-up, translating vision into reality, building product and employer brands, developing high-performing and resilient teams, building extraordinary work cultures, and implementing operational excellence. In the last 15 years, he led an Indian multinational conglomerate and transformed the company from being a single-division, single-product company to a multiple-division, multiple-products company, built some market leading brands in the process while achieving multi fold growth. Along with his abilities to develop winning strategies and relevant profit models for businesses, Avinash is also known for his entrepreneurial mindset and motivating teams for achieving extraordinary business performance. His areas of expertise include: Business transformation, Strategy Development & Execution, Manufacturing & Operations Excellence, Building Market Leading &Premium Brands, and Substantial scaling-up of organizations with profitability improvement. Avinash holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He also holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Finance, both from Loyola University Chicago.

Dr. Naresh N. Mehta

Executive Director

Naresh Mehta is a Thought Leader and a Facilitator in the areas of Whole System Transformation and Strategy Management. He is best known for his research skills and designing interventions for capability development and long-term competitiveness. He is passionate about designing High-Performance Work Systems to enhance effectiveness and efficiencies. Naresh is also known for developing organisational culture, organisational systems and structural alignment. His expertise lies in the talent and potential management and operational excellence. For over four decades he has played pivotal roles in leadership positions in various industry sectors such as manufacturing of engineering equipment, steel, automobile, plastics, renewable energy, steel foundry, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, IT, FMCG, media industries, etc. Naresh is a Mechanical Engineer with a master’s degree in HRM and Finance, Fellow Research Scholar in HR & OD and Ph.D. in Management.

CA Mohit Bagmar

Financial Analyst and Strategist

Mohit Bagmar is a qualified Chartered Accountant, a Company Secretary, and a member of ICAI. He specialises in the fields of financial valuation, corporate & project finance, project implementation, SME IPO, mergers & acquisitions and has done due diligence for the SME sector in their high growth phase. His expertise lies in cost analysis and in giving insights for cost optimisation. Known for strengthening balance sheets and P&L, Mohit Bagmar has worked as a financial analyst and strategist with several SMEs in their nascent stage.

CA Yogesh Hiran

Chartered Accountant

Yogesh Hiren brings with him 30+ years of diverse experience, especially in the marketing and management of steel, information technology, cement, and textile industries. His expertise in building MIS systems and a penchant for numbers & complex data analysis will help TNMC clients move from gut-based decision making to data-based decision making. His experience in building leading industrial product brands will help TNMC customers take their own brands to the “next level” while simultaneously expanding the distribution networks. We value his deep understanding of the challenges of scaling-up mid-sized companies in India which will add tremendous value to the growth journeys of TNMC clients-promoters who are seeking exponential and profitable growth.

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