“Operations excellence and cost optimization alone are not sufficient to achieve exponential and profitable growth” - Avinash Bhandari

Earlier microblogs talked about opportunity IDENTIFICATION, opportunity SIZING and opportunity SEIZING. While opportunity identification is the art of looking out into the horizon, connecting the dots and generating advanced patterns, opportunity sizing is the science of “detailing out” to identify the “addressable components”. Opportunity seizing, on the other hand, is the skill of not just developing a strategy but also executing it involving teams to fully leverage the available and identified opportunity.

The point is that opportunity identification, opportunity sizing and opportunity seizing are three crucial skills, distinct from each other. Organizations looking for a “5X to 10X” kind of growth need to develop all three of these complex capabilities in their leadership teams. While majority of the Indian mid-sized companies are developing expertise in operations excellence and cost optimization, they alone are not sufficient to achieve exponential growth. An “outside-in” approach will be necessary for growth.