“Growth is not just about growing your sales or your profits. It is also about growing your employees” - Avinash Bhandari

While employees, because of their capabilities, commitment and hard work make the organization grow, it is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that the employees continue to grow as well. That they develop new skills, newer competencies, newer capabilities. That they have an opportunity to learn every day. That they are given bigger responsibilities to handle. That they are assigned bigger teams to manage. That they are given the necessary exposure to expand their horizons. That they develop the necessary leadership skills to be able to lead the organization into unchartered territories in the future. That they build capabilities to take the organization to newer heights. And more importantly, that they get appropriately recognized for their efforts.

Organizations will grow their sales and profits more if they also invest in growing their employees. Such a growth will be More Robust. More Sustainable. Less Stressful.