“Future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious” - John Sculley

Businesses have always had to deal with the changing external environment, but the pace and abruptness of change now is shocking even to the new generation of business leaders. The changes were possibly more linear, continuous, and predictable in the past but are more abrupt and even exponential in nature now. The complexity and ambiguity of the changes sometimes can be nerve wrecking for even a seasoned leader. However, the opportunities have perhaps never been greater for those who are “ahead of the curve” and are able to take actions ahead of the competition.

Leaders therefore need to develop this critical ability to continuously look far out over the horizon and around the corners, connect the dots to form patterns and understand the developing trends “before they become obvious”. Only this will allow them to reposition their businesses to take the “first movers” advantage.

Reference: KNOW-HOW by Ram Charan.