“Executing the strategy well is as important as the strategy itself” - Avinash Bhandari

Developing a winning and differentiated strategy is very important. However, the importance of strategy development is certainly not more than its brilliant execution. Strategies hold potential but delivering on the potential & contributing to the company objectives depend on its intelligent & rigorous execution.

“When companies fail to deliver on their promise, the most frequent explanation is that the CEO’s strategy was wrong. But the strategy by itself is not often the cause. Strategies most often fail because they aren’t executed well”Ram Charan.

Building a shared vision, Goal setting & defining KPIs for all levels of team members, strongly linking operations to strategy, creating strong alignment across the organization & continuously building & upgrading people capabilities are all critical to strategy execution. Business leaders & entrepreneurs especially in a mid-sized company, should focus on these critical elements specially when looking to “scale up” and growing the business to the “next level”.