“Developing a shared vision, communicating your strategy and building alignment are critical to achieving success during the growth phase” - Avinash Bhandari

Our experience of achieving 100X growth in a short span of less than 10 years has taught us that achieving exponential growth is less about shop floor productivity & quality improvements. It is more about:

  • Building and sharing the vision with the team, ensuring that the vision is owned by each employee as much as it is owned by the business leader.
  • Articulating the strategy so that it can be shared and explained to the last and farthest employee of the organization [Unless EVERYONE understands HOW you are going to win, you are not going to win].
  • Creating strong alignment in the organization in a manner that the overall organizational goals can be achieved.

There is nothing more powerful than being able to build a cohesive team where the team members share the vision of the leader, understand the strategy and have their goals clearly aligned to the organization goals.