"Customer preferences, priorities, thought process and behaviors change with time. Is your Business Design still relevant?" - Avinash Bhandari

Business leaders, therefore, must re-evaluate the robustness of their Business Designs. Continuously. And specially when there are outsized market disruptions.

  1. The customers that I was serving as part of my Business Design, will they continue to buy from me? Will I continue to create “substantial value” for the customers in this new world?
  2. Has my “strategic control” over the customers reduced? What can I do in my Business Design to exercise the same or more strategic control so that the customers continue to buy from me and not switch over?
  3. Proactively, can I do something to make my customer value proposition even more unique, more differentiated in the changed conditions.
  4. Is my profitability expected to get affected? What changes can I make to my Business Design so that my profitability is not impacted. What does my new “profit model” look like?