Competitive Advantage through Customer Delight

Crafting a business strategy centered on customer delight is the ultimate key to achieving an exceptionally sustainable competitive advantage. Customer delight should be at the heart of every strategic decision, sustaining the growth in a hyper competitive market. 

Beyond merely meeting customer expectations, the true essence lies in generating an overwhelming sense of positivity within the hearts and minds of your customers Customers pay for the expected utility of a product or service. However, what truly sets a business apart is the ability to create positive experiences and emotions that exceed these expectations. 

When a customer contemplates a purchase, they assess the offering in comparison to alternatives from competitors, considering both the product’s expected utility and its cost. It’s after the transaction is completed that the magic happens. When a customer is pleasantly surprised by the additional utility or positive feelings generated beyond their expectations, it leads to customer delight. 

Customer delight can stem from tangible or intangible sources, but what truly matters is the perceived positive feeling it installs in customers. In industries where products have matured, the scope for crafting customer delight often lies in areas such as packaging, delivery, the purchasing process, perceived quality, and post-transaction  experiences. Any one or a combination of these factors can serve as a source of  customer delight. 

Consider the bottled water industry, for instance. While water itself is nearly free, it’s the packaging and delivery in the right container and location that create value for the customer. In this case, customer delight emerges from the convenience and experience associated with the product. 

Similarly, in the jewellery business, the buying experience is an integral part of value creation. A skilled salesperson in a jewellery store can transform a piece of jewellery  into an investment worth making. This positive experience and emotional connection cannot be replicated through online or home displays of products. Thus, the in-store experience is a vital element in creating value in the jewellery business, explaining why the online gold jewellery industry struggles to gain traction. 

In conclusion, a business strategy pivoting around customer delight is not just a  strategy; it’s the only sustainable and competitive strategy. By consistently exceeding customer expectations and generating positive emotions, your business can secure a lasting advantage in the marketplace. Embrace the power of customer delight, and watch your business thrive like never before.

-Sanjoy Bhagat