"Celebrating every small milestone that you achieve on the way will keep your team going during difficult times” - Avinash Bhandari

I remember the challenging times we faced when we were trying to turn around the company in the years of 2013-2017. We had less than required working capital, our capacity utilization was very low, and we had large debt repayment obligations. Those were really depressing and difficult times. But we derived energy from celebrating achievements of our teams, even if they were small. The teams continued to break their previous records and set new benchmarks for themselves and we kept celebrating the new achievements. Not only the team members remained charged during the entire journey, but it also gave us a lot of energy to continue to move forward. And most importantly, we had almost near zero attrition and saw commitment of employees at peak levels.

Celebrations make employees feel like winners and create an atmosphere of positive energy. Celebrations and employee recognition are the fuel for your next leap.