“Building a customer-centric organization is crucial to achieving exponential growth” - Avinash Bhandari

Most companies (when small and owner run) are customer-centric to start with. But customer-centricity, a critical element of business success, gets lost as companies start to grow and become larger. Business leaders of growing organizations must therefore look to build customer centric teams.

It will be important for a business leader to build an organizational culture where his team members will take as much care of his customers as he himself used to at one point in time. Where the speed and quality of service to the customer is not compromised.

Where his team members will be able to judiciously balance customer satisfaction against warranty claims. Where the product development teams will work closely with the marketing teams to develop products and services which customers will continue to admire and love. Last but not the least, where his teams will continue to look for new ways to create superior value for the customers.