1. Do I have a well-articulated growth strategy in place?

2. Is the strategy continuing to create substantial and differentiated value for my select set of customers? Is the strategy still relevant in the new economic and post-pandemic scenario or has it become obsolete? Is a new strategy needed before initiating the scale-up exercise?

3. Are there customers continuing to buy (i.e repeat purchases) because of the unique value strategy is helping deliver?

4. Is the strategy taking into account all the competitive forces and possible disruptions into account ?

5. Is the strategy taking into account all possible addressable new customer segments or new geographies? Is it taking into account all new products which can be launched? Have all adjacent opportunities available to the company been taken into account ?

6. Will the set of activities selected as part of the strategy help effectively deliver on the promise to the customer? Are the activities mutually reinforcing or stand-alone?

7. Is the strategy based on competitive advantages and moats which can be sustained for a few years or they are transient in nature? How can be done to make the moats more durable?

Operations excellence and cost optimization alone are not sufficient to help you scale up substantially. You will need a robust strategy in place. – Avinash Bhandari