Scaling up phase of an organisation is different and leaders during this phase need to have and demonstrate a different set of leadership traits in comparison to any other phase of the organization life cycle. Following leadership traits are necessary according to me in the scale-up phase :

  1. Growth mindset: not be deterred when exploring unchartered territories and take calculated risks.
  2. Ability to Communicate the vision and strategy to the team till the last person on the team starts to fully understand them.
  3. Strong ability to drive culture change necessary to support the execution of the new growth strategy.
  4. Willingness and courage to deviate from the past to develop and put in place the new growth strategy.
  5. Capability to galvanise a team. Set stretched but realistic goals for the teams and make the team own them.
  6. Ability to create a strong alignment between vision, strategy, organisation goals, individual goals and organizational culture.
  7. Ability to build strong review mechanisms at all levels. Willingness to make course corrections if strategy not producing the desired outcomes/results.

Scaling up the organization requires a very different leadership mindset and skillset in comparison to the startup phase. Are you ready ?

-Avinash Bhandari